[Eeglablist] Using ERSP baseline spectra with multiple events

Johnson, John T. john.johnson at gatech.edu
Fri Apr 12 15:12:49 PDT 2019

In my study, the participant rests, then when prompted presses a button, moves an object, presses the button, moves another object, etc. for a total of six times. I would like to use the rest period before they are prompted to begin as the spectral baseline for each of the movement phases in the six repetitions of the task. I have the EEG marked with events for each of the phases I am interested in.

Rest 1-|-Task A-|-Task B-|-Task C-|-Task D-|-Task E-|-Task F-|-Rest 2-|-Task A-|-…

Spectral activity for Task A through F would be relative to Rest 1, etc.

It looks like there isn’t a way built into eeglab to perform this type of analysis. I would appreciate any suggestions and/or code samples for performing the analysis.


John T. Johnson
PhD Candidate - Cognitive Motor Control Laboratory
Lab TA NEURO 2001 Principles
School of Biological Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology

john.johnson at gatech.edu

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