[Eeglablist] statcond/statcondfieldtrip cluster correction

Taylor Hearn thearn at asu.edu
Wed Apr 17 08:14:37 PDT 2019


I would like to perform a cluster correction for multiple comparisons, but
I am a little confused by the syntax of these two functions. Given my
within group comparison for my data (samples X channels X subjects), is it
correct to assume that this should be set up as a 2x1 cell? Also, I know I
want to use the following options:

paired = on
method = permuation
naccu = 1000
alpha = 0.05

but from here I am not sure if I should use the "cluster" option for
"statcond" or the "neighbours" option for "statcondfieldtrip". If I use
"neighbours" could you also detail the input to the "ft_prepare_neighbours"

Thanks in advance,

Taylor Hearn
Biomedical Engineering PhD Candidate
Arizona State University

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