[Eeglablist] firwsord dB question

Russell Toll Russell.Toll at UTSouthwestern.edu
Wed May 1 06:21:08 PDT 2019

Hi Andreas,

In the firwsord.m function on line 78: devdb = -20 * log10(dev);

Should devdb be calculated as 10 * log10 or as is, 20 * log10? The value of dev (.0002 for Kaiser window) describes the desired ripple limit as a ratio of desired to original signal, both in microVolts I think. However, as we don't necessarily want the power, should decibels be calculated as a regular log ratio (10 * log10)?

I frequently get confused with voltages and power so I could very well be, and likely am, wrong. Just wanted to verify the function was correct as written. Thanks very much for your help and teaching!

Very respectfully,

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