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Johnson, John T. john.johnson at gatech.edu
Mon May 6 12:53:45 PDT 2019

Hi Julia,

The pre-stimulus time you are using (-2.5 seconds) is very long. Is there a reason it is so long compared to the active period (0.5s)?
You are probably getting the out of data boundary message because the epochs you have now are too short to include the prestimulus time of 2.5s.
In short, the problem is probably before rather than after the stimulus.

You can either make the pre-stimulus time shorter, or try epoching your continuous data.


On 6 May 2019, at 11:03, JR wrote:

Dear EEGlab-users,

I would like to re-epoch my data with a different time-locking event and shorter epochs. My original epochs are stimulus-locked and are limited at [-2 4]. The new epochs should be response locked with [-2.5 0.5] limits.

I used the pop_epoch function and assume that the /timelim /- input [-2.5 0.5] is relative to the new time-lock event.

I receive "events out of data boundary" messages for a number of epochs (strangely enough, it is increasing with longer epochs, e.g. [-3 0.5] ; [-3.5 0.5]).

It also appears, that the number of "rejected events" is equal to a specific latency cut-off: e.g. if I have a -2.5 lower limit the rejected events are those with a latency of < 500. This seems to be counterintuitive to me, as the lower latencies should be more likey to be included within a time-window.

I am clearly missing something crucial here and really hope you can give me the necessary hint.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,



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