[Eeglablist] edf file loading into EEGLAB GUI from matlab command window

Rabnawaz khan 13mseerabnawaz at seecs.edu.pk
Mon May 6 19:06:33 PDT 2019

hello listmates,

I have couple of questions regarding the data importing/loading into GUI
from command line.

I have (lets say 10) recoreded EEG files in .edf format. The file names are
S1_session_1, S2_session_1... until S10_session_1. First time when I am
loading the first file (i.e S1_session_1.edf), I use EEGLAB GUI
(File>import>using EEGLAB functions and plugins>from edf/edf+ /GDF files
(BIOSIG toolbox)). I can sussefully import and load the file in EEGLAB GUI
and can see as datast 1. For the remaining file I use EEG.history and
pop_biosig() and choose the next file to load. using pop_biosig(), the file
is loaded into MATLAB workspace but I can't see it in the EEGLAB GUI. I
want to load the second file into GUI as dataset 2 using the MATLAB command
window. Can you guide mw how to do this?

Secondly, I want to use a matlab script and load all the ten files (i.e
S1_session_1.edf to S10_session_1.edf) into GUI as dataset 1 to dataset 10.
Can somebody give me a help for this script.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,


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