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David Ryan ryand1 at goldmail.etsu.edu
Tue May 28 14:21:08 PDT 2019


I’ve been using spectopo (EEGLAB v14.1.1 and v2019.0) on 64 channel data
(Neuroscan system), to get spectral density power for a single channel.

Now I’m using a different data set from another source (g.tech amps,
g.recorder, 32 channels, *.hdf5) and I get an error when I run spectopo
(see below). I use the same code for two different data sets (Neuroscan 64
chan & g.recorder 32 chan) and only get an error for the g.recorder 32
channel data. I’ve also tried the two different import plugins.
 What have I done wrong?

FYI, the variable Pz references the channel number from the montage.

> [spectra,freqs] = spectopo (EEG.data(Pz,:,:), 0, EEG.srate);

Computing spectra (window length 256; fft length: 256; overlap 0):

Undefined function or variable 'eegspec'.

Error in spectopo>spectcomp (line 969)

                eegspecdB = eegspec/n; % normalize by the number of sections

Error in spectopo (line 334)

        [eegspecdB freqs specstd] = spectcomp( data, frames, srate,

        epoch_subset, g);

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