[Eeglablist] CUDAICA on Windows 10?

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Tue May 28 17:04:25 PDT 2019

Hi Jim,


That is my question too. But if you are interested in ICA using GPU, you
might want to try BEAMICA by Christian Kothe. BEAMICA is an implementation
of infomax and runs inside MATLAB environment (not a CUDA code then), and if
you have the parallel computing toolbox on your MATLAB plus a CUDA-enabled
GPU, ICA will run on the GPU super fast (3-4 minutes for 128 channels and 40
minutes worth of data).

However, using GPU, the code cannot determine convergence and just runs to a
certain number of iterations and returns W and S.

A copy of BEAMICA is available inside RELICA toolbox


Hope it is helpful for you.




Seyed Yahya Shirazi, M.Sc.


University of Central Florida

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At Fraimono's github site, there was a conversation about getting CUDAICA to
work under Windows 10.



The last post was in August 2018, and it doesn't seem as if there was a
successful conclusion.


Anybody know if CUDAICA can be run under Windows 10?






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