[Eeglablist] BioSemi and electric shocks

Phillip Alday phillip.alday at mpi.nl
Mon Jun 3 12:46:30 PDT 2019

Have you made sure that your full setup is properly grounded?

Are you following full isolation guidelines, as mentioned on the linked

Have you considered building a small Faraday cage around the Stimulator
or its power supply? There are many guides for doing this with e.g. old
CRT monitors.


On 02/06/2019 10:57, Roni Shafir wrote:
> Hi all,
> We're now conducting a new experiment where we deliver electric shocks
> while measuring EEG using the BioSemi.
> This is the Stimulator we're using for delivering the shocks:
> https://www.biopac.com/product/current-or-voltage-linear-isolated-stimulator/
> We are seeing a very robust noise once the Stimulator's electrodes are
> connected to the subject's arm, or even just placed on the table. This
> happens regardless of whether the Stimulator is currently delivering a
> shock or not.
> Anyone has experience with combining these two devices? Any suggestions
> would be highly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Roni

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