[Eeglablist] Global Dissimilarity Index

Paul Kieffaber pdkieffaber at wm.edu
Thu Jun 13 08:03:13 PDT 2019

Hello everyone,
I am trying to conceptualize how I might use the Global Map Dissimilarity
index (DISS) in the context of a 2x2 design.  From what I understand, DISS
is essentially a measure of the ratio of between-map variance to within-map
variance, not unlike the F-statistic using a biased estimators (i.e., N
instead of N-1/N-K).  Can anyone please tell me if there is a reason that
one couldn't use the F-statistic as a measure of DISS in the context of
multi-factor experiments?

Thanks in advance

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Program in Neuroscience
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