[Eeglablist] Time frequency decomposition for 4 subjects across 4 electrodes

Mariam Hovhannisyan mariam.hovhannisyan at duke.edu
Thu Jun 13 13:33:59 PDT 2019


I am trying to compute time frequency for 4 subjects for 4 different electrodes. I am using the pop_newtimef function and am attempting to loop through the ALLEEG structure to access each subject's EEG data. However, I am receiving an error message: index exceeds matrix dimensions. Please see my code below. The star indicates the line that produces this error message:

for j = 1:size(ALLEEG,2)

    electrodes = [5 6 7 8];

    nbchan = size(electrodes,2);

    for elec = 1:nbchan

       * [ersp,itc,powbase,times,freqs,erspboot,itcboot] = pop_newtimef(ALLEEG(j),1, electrodes(elec), [ALLEEG(j).xmin ALLEEG(j).xmax]*1000, [3 0.5],'maxfreq', 22, 'padratio', 16,  'plotphase', 'off', 'timesout', 60, 'plotersp','off', 'plotitc','off');

        if elec == 1  % create empty arrays if first electrode

            allersp = zeros([ size(ersp) nbchan]);

            allitc = zeros([ size(itc) nbchan]);

            allpowbase = zeros([ size(powbase) nbchan]);

            alltimes = zeros([ size(times) nbchan]);

            allfreqs = zeros([ size(freqs) nbchan]);

            allerspboot = zeros([ size(erspboot) nbchan]);

            allitcboot = zeros([ size(itcboot) nbchan]);


        allersp (:,:,elec) = ersp;

        allitc (:,:,elec) = itc;

        allpowbase (:,:,elec) = powbase;

        alltimes (:,:,elec) = times;

        allfreqs (:,:,elec) = freqs;

        allerspboot (:,:,elec) = erspboot;

        allitcboot (:,:,elec) = itcboot;

        ersp_subj{j} = allersp;

        times_subj{j} = alltimes(:,:,1);

        freqs_subj{j} = allfreqs(:,:,1);



Is there a simpler or different way to do this in EEGLab?


Mariam Hovhannisyan

Research Technician

Department of Neurology

Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

Duke University

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