[Eeglablist] Issue with 3D Plotting

Mariya Chernenok mchernenok at ucdavis.edu
Tue Jul 2 16:57:29 PDT 2019


We are collecting ERP data using a 64 channel BrainCap collected with
Neuroscan and are having issues with the 3D plots in EEGlab. All
screenshots and files can be found here:

When we plot the channel locations in 2D, it appears normal
(see 2Dcoordinates_chanloc). And when we plot the 3D coordinates, it also
appears normal (see 3Dcoordinates_chanloc).

However, when we try to plot the channel locations in 3D, they appear to
not be properly positioned on the head
(see 3Dcoordinates_chanloc_2_back; 3Dcoordinates_chanloc_2). It looks as
though the channels at the back of the head are shifted to the side.

Once we add a spline file (included in link), this issue appears to be
resolved (see 3Dcoordinates_chanloc_2000ms).

I am also including the .ced file with our channel location coordinates and
cap montage. We are wondering why our channel locations look distorted
without the spline file and what is causing this problem? Adding in a
spline file to re-assign channel locations appears to resolve this issue,
however, how do we verify that our channel locations are in the correct

Please let me know if you need any additional information!


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