[Eeglablist] Call for PhD position. BBSLab, University of Barcelona

Ruben Perellón Alfonso ruben.palfonso at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 03:09:53 PDT 2019

We kindly ask you to share this call with your mailing list and whoever
might be interested.

We are looking for an Early Stage Career (PhD student) to perform research
associated to the Spanish Ministry of Science Innovation and Universities
project "*Study of brain changes induced by non-invasive brain stimulation
as predictors of future brain health status in older adults*" which will
combine the use of neuroimaging techniques (MRI), non-invasive brain
stimulation and neuropsychological testing. The person will likely have to
interact with the volunteers of the study and therefore Catalan/Spanish
language proficiency is desirable.

Interested applicants please contact: dbartres at ub.edu /

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