[Eeglablist] Adding your own shortcut/accelerator keys to eeglab menu items

Johnson, John T. john.johnson at gatech.edu
Thu Jul 4 12:49:48 PDT 2019

It’s really easy to add shortcut keys to EEGLAB menu items.
Open eeglab.m, and scroll to line 700 or so. Add ’Accelerator’, ‘key’ (those should be straight quotes) to each entry that you’d like a shortcut for.
For example:

uimenu( file_m, 'Label', 'Load existing dataset' , 'Accelerator', 'o' , 'userdata', onnostudy, 'CallBack', cb_loadset, 'Separator', 'on');

Now you can tap Cmd+o or Ctrl+o to open an existing dataset.

The changes you make will be overwritten if/when you update eeglab, so make a backup of your eeglab.m file after you modify it. I keep all my changes (window size, font size, etc.) in a patch file that I can apply to the next version I install.


John T. Johnson
PhD Candidate - Cognitive Motor Control Laboratory
Lab TA NEURO 4001 Capstone
School of Biological Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology


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