[Eeglablist] LORETA applied to single-trial EEG analyses?

Eric Rawls elrawls at email.uark.edu
Fri Jul 5 10:42:49 PDT 2019

Hi list, question for those who have used or are familiar with LORETA.

LORETA accepts either time- or frequency-domain EEG. However, the following
resource notes a number of ways input to LORETA could be "cheated" despite
seeming reasonable inputs.


My question relates to the cortical localization of beta weights from
single-trial regression analysis of EEG. This type of analysis essentially
computes an "erp" using regression rather than averaging.

Are these weights acceptable as input to LORETA? This approach was taken in
Fischer & Ullsperger (2013) to localize cortical prediction error
coefficients, but I confess I'm quite unsure whether this is a correct use

What do we think?
Eric Rawls
PhD Candidate
Department of Psychological Sciences
University of Arkansas

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