[Eeglablist] NSG issue - failed to find modeldir

Ricardo Ramirez o_O at utexas.edu
Tue Jul 23 18:56:00 PDT 2019


I'm new to the NSG environment and my question might have a pretty
intuitive answer. Apologies beforehand.

I've been trying to submit a job using the NSG portal but I've been getting
the following error

*java.lang.Exception*: Error submitting job: argv
'id=csd403', '
'inputfile matlab ']) job_properties['Tool'] (EEGLAB_TG) Command line
string is : EEGLAB_TG tool type is eeglab_tg New input file used {'nodes':
'1', 'runhours': '0.5', 'jobtype': 'mpi', 'fname': 'test_cnt.m',
'mpi_processes': '8'} {'mpi_processes': 8, 'is_mpi': True, 'ppn': 8,
'is_direct': False, 'queue': 'normal', 'nodes': 1, 'runtime': 30.0,
'threads_per_process': 0} *failed to find modeldir*! . Unloading
compiler-dependent module gsl/2.1 Unloading compiler-dependent module
openmpi_ib/1.8.4 Unloading compiler-dependent module mkl/

>From what I can tell it seems the '*modeldir*' is missing and throws a

I tried using as a reference the script posted in the tutorial section at
the link shown below


the script after modifications is shown below

 EEG = pop_loadcnt('*TEST.CNT*' , 'dataformat', 'int16');
 EEG.setname='CNT file';
 pop_eegplot( EEG, 1, 1, 1);
 EEG.setname='Continuous EEG Data';
 EEG = eeg_eegrej( EEG, [295 512] );
 EEG.chanlocs=pop_chanedit(EEG.chanlocs, 'load',{ '*eeglab_chan32.locs*',
'filetype',  'autodetect'});
 figure; topoplot([],EEG.chanlocs, 'style', 'blank', 'electrodes',
 figure; pop_spectopo(EEG, 1, [0 238304.6875], 'EEG' , 'percent', 15,
'freq', [6 10 22], 'freqrange',[2   25],'electrodes','off');
 EEG = pop_eegfilt( EEG, 1, 0, [], [0]);
 EEG.setname='Continuous EEG Data';
 EEG = pop_epoch( EEG, { 'square' }, [-1 2], 'newname', 'Continuous EEG
Data epochs', 'epochinfo', 'yes');
 EEG.setname='Continuous EEG Data epochs';
 EEG = pop_rmbase( EEG, [-1000 0]);

Both files, '*TEST.CNT*' and '*eeglab_chan32.locs*' together with the
following *.m script are zipped in a single file.

Appreciate any help you guys can provide me.

Thanks in advance!

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