[Eeglablist] Frequency power baseline question

David Ryan ryand1 at goldmail.etsu.edu
Wed Aug 21 09:07:21 PDT 2019


I am looking into frequency power changes with the onset of an auditory
stimulus and a time window of 0-450ms utilizing the script below. Does this
process baseline correct? Does it need a baseline correction?



[spectra,freqs] = spectopo (EEG.data(Fz,:,:), 0, EEG.srate);

%Data ranges

hz8 = find(freqs>7 & freqs<9);

hz7 = find(freqs>6 & freqs<8);

hz6 = find(freqs>5 & freqs<7);

hz5 = find(freqs>4 & freqs<6);

hz4 = find(freqs>3 & freqs<5);

% Compute Power

hz8powerFz = 10^(mean(spectra(hz8))/10);

hz7powerFz = 10^(mean(spectra(hz7))/10);

hz6powerFz = 10^(mean(spectra(hz6))/10);

hz5powerFz = 10^(mean(spectra(hz5))/10);

hz4powerFz = 10^(mean(spectra(hz4))/10);


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