[Eeglablist] Dipole fitting at specific event latencies

Tracey Camilleri tracey.camilleri at um.edu.mt
Thu Aug 22 05:06:43 PDT 2019

I am interested in using DIPFIT to fit dipoles at specific time instants,
particularly at specific peaks related to an ERP signal. From the EEGLAB's
Wiki there is a section entitled 'Using DIPFIT to fit EEG or ERP scalp
maps' (link here <https://sccn.ucsd.edu/wiki/A08:_DIPFIT>) which seems to
indicate that this is possible. Some code is also available at this link.

However when using the code and setting it to plot ERP maps, the resulting
maps are different than those obtained at the same latencies using the
Plot>ERP map series>In 2D option. It seems the code for the function '
dipfit_erpeeg' is generating some fake EEG (referred to as TMPEEG), having
same number of channels and 1000 time points, and using this to plot the
ERP scalp maps. This is not really desired.

Has anyone managed to fit dipoles at specific time instances related to an
ERP signal who could help out please?


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