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Clement Lee cll008 at eng.ucsd.edu
Wed Sep 4 09:57:35 PDT 2019

My previous message didn't make it to the list but here it is again:

Hi Emmanuelle,

I'm moderating the eeglab list this month. Your previous message may have
been rejected because if it had attachments. In fact, I think you attached
some pngs to this email? Those may not be sent to the whole list; the best
way is to share links to them (google drive, image hosting site, etc.)

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On Tue, Sep 3, 2019 at 9:21 AM Emmanuelle Renauld <
emmanuelle.renauld.1 at ulaval.ca> wrote:

> Thank you Nathan. I actually tried to send this last week, and it didn't
> work so now I am sending it again. I was sending exactly the same two links
> as you did! ;)
> Thank you very much Stephen.
> For your first point, I was aware of that, I read the good book from Luck.
> Unfortunatelly, I didn't decide the task, and I don't have different
> stimulus conditions, only passive viewing of one type of cues. Eventually,
> the real goal of the study will be  to compare pre/post, so I will be able
> to make a comparison. But for now, we would like to analyse the baseline
> data alone (and test correlations with clinical scores). So I suppose I
> will have to decide some time windows visually from the peaks I see....
> The reference on the cap was on FCz. The re-reference to the average was
> the first step of my preprocessing so that's not something I can change at
> this point. I just have to make sure I understand the effect it can
> have.  I have read the discussion here:
> https://sccn.ucsd.edu/pipermail/eeglablist/2008/002510.html   and article
> here
> https://www.researchgate.net/publication/225165987_Issues_in_the_application_of_the_average_reference_Review_critiques_and_recommendations
> .
> But I still have trouble fitting this dipole information with our
> nomenclature for ERPs. Ex: I saw that P1 is generally stronger in
> posterior. How come I usually don't see something like "and the equivalent
> from this dipole was a N1 frontal".
> I have used ICA during the denoising, and when I saw heart components, I
> tried to remove them. I am sending you some snapshots for topoplots, and a
> plot of ERPs for all channels together on the same plot.
> Thanks again!
> Emmanuelle
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