[Eeglablist] A question about creating a personalized montage

Ratz-Lubashevsky, Rachel rachel_ratz-lubashevsky at brown.edu
Tue Sep 10 13:48:39 PDT 2019

Hi all,

I'm intending to run an EEG experiment in the lab. We are using Brain
Recently I discovered that our flat (external) electrodes are worn out and
can't be used. In theory, I could use the electrodes from the cap as
external electrodes but this will mean to create my own montage with 58
instead of the original 64 channels. Does anyone have experience with such
an approach? Is this a practiced method for recording? (If I maintained a
symmetrical montage). If so, what would be the recommended channels to use
as external ones? (while mining of course not to use any theroaticaly
relevant electrode as an external one).

Thank you,

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