[Eeglablist] Export time-frequency data from STUDY to be analysed in R

Alice Grazia alicegrazia94 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 01:02:38 PDT 2019

Dear List,

I am having issues in finding a way to export my data from EEGLAB STUDY in
txt or  csv format for statistical analysis in R. The issue is that, I
cannot generate a file in which channel info, conditions and events are
organised in a way in which I can compare the TF of one condition to
another, and understanding if there is a statistical significance. I have
10 subjects and 4 conditions each, so I would like to make an ANOVA one way
to look if there is a main effect and to make contrasts between conditions.

Here, I list the solutions that I tried so far which unfortunately did not

1. erpR
2. EEGLAB plugin for computing ERSPs average
3. R.matlab package
4. saving the timef() function output in an ASCII file

I have to mention that I have a background in psychology and neuroscience,
so I have just some basic programming skills for MATLAB.

Thank you in advance for you response.

Best Regards,

Alice Grazia

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