[Eeglablist] Building a portal for sharing and analyzing human neuroelectromagnetic data

Scott Makeig smakeig at ucsd.edu
Fri Sep 20 16:57:11 PDT 2019

We have received a grant from the BRAIN initiative of the National
Institute of Mental Health U.S. to build a portal for human EEG, MEG, and
ECoG/iEEG data to the OpenNeuro.org data archive, build on the emerging HED
<http://hedtags.org/>and BIDS <https://bids.neuroimaging.io/> standards.

A UCSD press release on the NEMAR project is now online here

When operative, the 'NEMAR' portal will accept, validate, and provide tools
to visualize submitted data. It will then add it to the OpenNeuro archive
and may keep a copy on hand at the San Diego Supercomputer Center to make
it available for analysis using a rich array of tools, including EEGLAB,
that are now available through the Neuroscience Gateway
<http://nsgportal.org/> to high-performance computing resources you can use
to analyze your own data now <https://github.com/sccn/nsgportal/wiki> (select
the top EEGLAB on NSG' link in the right panel for howto information).
Anonymized data contributed through NEMAR to the OpenNeuro archive may be
kept private for up to (currently) 4 years to allow time for intensive
analysis of the data by its authors and their collaborators, thereafter
becoming part of the growing publicly available OpenNeuro data collection.

Recently, we submitted a complementary BRAIN initiative proposal to build
an easily extensible system of data analysis tools for working with
NEMAR-archived data - will not know its results for several months...

Scott Makeig (SCCN, UCSD)
Arnaud Delorme (SCCN, UCSD)
Amitava Majumdar (SDSC, UCSD)
with Russ Poldrack (Stanford)

Scott Makeig, Research Scientist and Director, Swartz Center for
Computational Neuroscience, Institute for Neural Computation, University of
California San Diego, La Jolla CA 92093-0961, http://sccn.ucsd.edu/~scott

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