[Eeglablist] Troubleshooting .cnt import error

Makoto Miyakoshi mmiyakoshi at ucsd.edu
Wed Oct 16 15:34:56 PDT 2019

Dear list,

I ran into a rare issue (happened < 1% files) in importing .cnt files. Let
me share the solution I found. By the way, these .cnt files could be quite
old (from more than 10 years ago?)

1. Problem: Imported data has very short (<< 1 s) data length, even though
the .cnt file has 100MB or around for 40 channels.

2. Diagnostics: The technical cause of this issue is that h.numsamples
(defined at line 279) is somehow 37 or any random small number. This makes
the subsequent check fail (see below).

3. Solution: In the latest version of loadcnt() line 415-422, the block
start with the comment *% This throws a shoe with 16-bit data *I commented
these lines off and it worked.

I'm not sure if I will encounter any problem because of skipping these
lines. It seems unlikely though. The cause of the problem is a mystery to
me, but this check here does not seem to help but rather makes the process

If you know anything about this, please share it with us.


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