[Eeglablist] Applying Linear Transformation to Data Amplitudes?

Delorme, Arnaud adelorme at ucsd.edu
Tue Oct 22 15:56:18 PDT 2019

Dear Nathan,

It is not recommended to change the scale of the data arbitrarily. First, I would try to figure out why the amplitude of your data is so low.
If you absolutely need to rescale the data for visualization purposes, you can type on the command line

EEG.data = EEG.data / 1.18 *50; % rescale
[ALLEEG EEG CURRENTSET] = eeg_store(ALLEEG, EEG, CURRENTSET); % update ALLEEG structure for EEGLAB graphical interface 

Then call eegplot again to plot the data,


> On Oct 16, 2019, at 4:31 PM, Nathan Hollenbeck <nathan.hollenbeck at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am working with an .xdf file for which amplitudes display best at a scale
> of 1.1856 when scrolling through with eegplot, rather than the more typical
> 50. I'd like to rescale the data so that channel data do show up best at
> 50, and I assume that this is done through a linear transformation on the
> whole dataset; is that correct? If so, could anyone help with the matlab
> code I'd need to apply that? I figure this must be trivial for most on this
> list, but I really appreciate your help as someone just starting to learn
> Warm regards,
> Nathan Hollenbeck
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