[Eeglablist] Import .bvef electrode location format to EEGLAB

Burcu Ayşen Ürgen burcu.urgen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 04:46:27 PST 2019

Dear all,

We are wondering whether it is possible to read Brain Vision Electrode
Files (.bvef format) into EEGLAB? This format does not seem to be supported
by EEGLAB but is there a possibility to at least convert .bvef format to
something that EEGLAB can recognize?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Burcu Ayşen Ürgen, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology & Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program
Aysel Sabuncu Brain Research Center
National Magnetic Resonance Research Center
Bilkent University
06800, Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey

Email: burcu.urgen at bilkent.edu.tr
Website: http://burcu.urgen.bilkent.edu.tr
Lab: http://www.ccn.bilkent.edu.tr
Tel: +90 312 290 30 91 or +90 312 290 1807

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