[Eeglablist] STUDY function being slower?

時本真吾 tokimoto at mejiro.ac.jp
Mon Nov 11 05:02:15 PST 2019

Dear EEGLAB experts,

I have analyzed EEG data with EEGLAB, and I am deeply grateful for the developers. I cannot find an appropriate word for my gratitude.

I feel that the processes for statistical analysis have become slower. I usually examine the statistical difference in ERP, ERSP, ITC for electrodes and the cluster of ICs by cluster-based permutation tests. It was usual to wait for one minute or so when I commanded a presentation by STUDY function on EEGLAB ver14. However, when I tried the same command on EEGLAB 2019, I have to wait for over 20 minutes. I often examine the statistical difference in the topography for every 100 ms from 100 to 1000 ms latency by a batch file, and in this case I have to wait for one night. 

I understand that the file system has been changed in EEGLAB 2019 and that we do not have to re-precompute the data files for each condition in STUDY. However, the file sizes of daterp, datspec, and dattimef are huge. Is it generally true that a STUDY function requires a longer time than before? Thank you in advance.

Shingo Tokimoto, Ph.D.
in Linguistics and Psychology
Department of Foreign Languages
Mejiro University
4-31-1, Naka-Ochiai, Shinjuku, Tokyo,
161-8539, Japan
tokimoto at mejiro.ac.jp

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