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Wind, Johanna jwind01 at uni-mainz.de
Tue Nov 12 00:24:29 PST 2019

Hi everyone,

I measured functional connectivity (more precise: coherence) with the mathematical coherence function with its magnitude squared cross-power spectrum of the signals divided by the auto-spectrum of the signals (Golinska, 2011).
The power spectrum estimation was analyzed on the basis of Matlab-based pwelch-function with a sampling rate of Fs = 1024, a window-size of 2048 samples (2 seconds), an overlap of 50% and a frequency resolution of nFFT = 4096.

Is this a correct way to measure coherence (functional connectivity) and therefore to interpret interaction of brain regions? Or is there a better way to calculate coherence, e.g. in eeglab or based on Matlab?

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