[Eeglablist] Dipfit3.3 error?

時本真吾 tokimoto at mejiro.ac.jp
Sat Nov 16 04:03:37 PST 2019

Dear EEGLAB experts,

The co-regstration by dipfit 3.3 (on EEGLAB 2019) seems not to work. I always receive the error message as below. Does anybody experience the same situation? Thank you in advance.

Error: coregister (line 314)
elec1 = cfg.elec;
Error: waitfor
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback

Shingo Tokimoto, Ph.D.
in Linguistics and Psychology
Department of Foreign Languages
Mejiro University
4-31-1, Naka-Ochiai, Shinjuku, Tokyo,
161-8539, Japan
tokimoto at mejiro.ac.jp

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