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Mark Jones Mark.Jones at utsa.edu
Mon Nov 18 07:19:56 PST 2019

I work with an aerospace research group here in San Antonio, Texas and they are looking for someone to help with data analysis, primarily EEG at this point. Please see the detail below.

Mark Jones
San Antonio, Texas

The Experimental Psychology Research Associate will work with investigators at the Brooks facility of KBR's Space and Mission Solutions Unit in San Antonio, Texas, USA. This is a Research, Development, Test and Evaluation facility that performs testing for Government and Aerospace customers in operational Altitude and Acceleration environments. The RA will support experiments to measure, characterize and model cognitive performance in challenging conditions including hypobaric exposure and Gz acceleration, which conditions are produced in the Brooks Research Altitude Chambers and the Brooks Centrifuge respectively. Operational hazards associated with altitude exposure include the cognitive manifestations of hypoxia, including hypoxia-related loss of consciousness (H-LOC). Operational hazards associated with Gz acceleration include cognitive manifestations of stagnant hypoxia resulting from insufficient blood flow to the brain, including G-related loss of consciousness (G-LOC). The RA may in addition be called upon to support Test/Evaluation activities involving Life Support hardware.

Preferred Qualifications
At a minimum, the successful candidate will have a Bachelor's degree in Experimental Psychology, Engineering, Human Factors, Statistics or a related discipline. Alternatively, depending upon the scope of technical projects emerging in the near term, the position may be designated for a recent PhD or Master's level candidate.

Required qualifications include: demonstrated understanding of experimental design, particularly in a context of human cognition, perception and psychomotor performance; demonstrated understanding of quantitative principles and capability to conduct data post-processing and statistical analyses using applications such as MS Excel and SPSS; strong desire to collect and record data reliably, to include detail-oriented review and monitoring of collection methods.

Desired qualifications include: familiarity with brain recording/imaging technologies including but not limited to EEG, fNIRS, fMRI, TCD; ability to design and build stimulus displays and/or data monitoring interfaces in LabVIEW, MatLab/Simulink, or similar applications; ability to write scientific prose in support of technical delivery reports; knowledge of physiology, particularly in an aviation context; familiarity with data acquisition and physiological sensors; history of peer-reviewed publication (a variable consideration which will be evaluated in conjunction with candidate's experience).

The position requires a minimum of a National Agency Check as a prerequisite for access to the internet, use of automated systems and unescorted entry into controlled areas on the worksite. Although it is not currently expected that the position will entail processing of classified material, such requirements could emerge in future, necessitating higher levels of security clearance.

For more information contact Dr. Jeremy Beer Jeremy.Beer at us.kbr.com>)

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