[Eeglablist] Help! Placing new markers/triggers in pre recorded EEG. pop_editeventvals.

Kaelasha Tyler kaelasha.tyler at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 17:36:08 PST 2019

Hi all,

I really need some detailed explanation for each of the sections of the
code when using pop_editeventvals, as the help menu is fairly limited and I
am still getting some errors.

*The code I am using is below. I am wanting to place a new trigger/marker
called 'Time0' in pre recorded egg, at each epoch, at the 150 ms mark. *

Can anyone suggest any cleaner code for this?
Can you anyone what the [ ] are for, and what the numbers (5) in the code
are for?
(I put this code together from eeg.history, but don't fully understand each
element of it)

I just need clean and tidy way to place a marker called 'Time0' at 150ms in
each epoch.
The code I have here crashes in particular in conditions for which there
are only 1 or 2 epochs to use.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



time= 150


EEG = pop_editeventvals(EEG,'insert',{5 [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] i},
'changefield',{5 'type''Time0'},'changefield',{5 'latency'time});


EEG = eeg_checkset( EEG );



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