[Eeglablist] Using PACT for cross location PAC value computation

Kolluri Kanti kamak.shob at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 23:48:12 PST 2019

I have raw EEG sensor data of many healthy controls from a wide demographic.

To compute CFC, I used PACT for this data between various frequency bands
(using the pop_pac_main gui). I selected sampling pool as 'each channel'
and kept default values for the rest.

I have to compute CFC pac values between electrodes (under the 1020
electrode system), between the various frequency bands for every healthy
control. That is, compute CFC values in the cross location scenario rather
than in the same (sensor) location.

1. How to do this with PACT? (cross location cfc)

2. A typical timeseries for a control is a 19*(2-5 minutes) worth of rest
state eeg recording. I am wondering, what values for surrogate bins, phase
bins, hfo amplitude percentile will be appropriate ?

Note that this is rest eeg with NO events.

Thank you

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