[Eeglablist] Error calling topoplot

Nadia Youssef nadiayoussef635 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 25 00:02:01 PST 2019

Hi, I tried to run topoplot() on matlab R2017b, but I got this error;"Output argument "vq" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to "griddata".Error in topoplot (line 282)
[Xi,Yi,Zi] = griddata(y,x,Vl,yi',xi,'invdist'); % Interpolate data"
 Even after adding  *&&~strcmp(method,'invdist')* to the IF statement, there is problem in calling griddata.Please, find attached the topoplot() function file. I downloaded from the website, but I wanted also to ask how to get access to many functions like topoplot () fromm eeg lab directory? I had to google for topoplot () function to get it.Any help or sugestion to fix the problem?Thank you so much.

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