[Eeglablist] Using PACT - help

Eric HG erichg2013 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 05:27:53 PST 2019

Hi everyone,

I've recently been trying to use the PACT toolbox created by Makoto. Here,
I load a resting EEG (21 channels) into EEGLAB, and then click "Compute
PAC". Here, the phase freq range is 30-45 Hz, the Amp freq range is 4-8,
and the number of phase bins are 18 (according to previous literature).

I was wondering where the PAC results are stored before statistical
comparisons between groups?

And if the results are actually normalized (as for example PAC/PACrandom)?

Furthermore, is there an easy way to compute this from the command line?

Best regards,


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