[Eeglablist] Using PACT - help

Makoto Miyakoshi mmiyakoshi at ucsd.edu
Wed Dec 11 16:41:29 PST 2019

Dear Eric,

I am trying to upload the fix but having trouble with the system.
Meanwhile, please overwrite one of the .m files under the toolbox with the
attached one. We can use eegh with this fix.
There was confusion in version number when I uploaded the last one. Sorry
for confusion.


On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 1:26 PM Eric HG <erichg2013 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks for your answer Makoto!
> However, when I run the PACT using the GUI and the write eegh(), I do not
> get any information about the code. Is there another way to get the code?
> As far as I can see, the toolbox is only for continuous resting state
> data, is that correct?
> Furthermore, would you use the modulation index directly when comparing
> groups or would it be appropriate to do some sort of normalization?
> Thanks a lot!
> Eric
> On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 2:27 PM Eric HG <erichg2013 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I've recently been trying to use the PACT toolbox created by Makoto.
>> Here, I load a resting EEG (21 channels) into EEGLAB, and then click
>> "Compute PAC". Here, the phase freq range is 30-45 Hz, the Amp freq range
>> is 4-8, and the number of phase bins are 18 (according to previous
>> literature).
>> I was wondering where the PAC results are stored before statistical
>> comparisons between groups?
>> And if the results are actually normalized (as for example
>> PAC/PACrandom)?
>> Furthermore, is there an easy way to compute this from the command line?
>> Best regards,
>> Eric

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