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Andrew Engell engella at kenyon.edu
Fri Dec 27 07:00:16 PST 2019


I’m also interested in purchasing a Structure Scanner and iPad for
electrode positioning (BioSemi AcitveTwo). So I second this request to hear
the community’s latest experiences, thoughts, or suggestions.  Thanks very

Andrew Engell

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On December 27, 2019 at 12:03:12 AM, Eriksen, Jeff :LGS Neurodiagnostics (
jeriksen at lhs.org) wrote:

Hello list,

I am about to purchase a Structure Scanner and iPad to use for electrode 3D
position scanning with EGI/Philips Neuro GSNets. I would be interested in
hearing from anyone who has done this successfully, with these or other
electrode caps or nets.

I see there is a new model, Mark II, in addition to the Core model. May I
assume that the Mark II is NOT supported by get_chanlocs and purchase the

What models of iPads have you used successfully? The documentation lists
the Air model A1474.

The documentation lists the Scanner and itSeez3D software as possibilities.
I would rather not pay for the latter. How well has the Scanner software
worked for you?

-Jeff Eriksen
Portland, OR, USA

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