[Eeglablist] ICLabel: "source" explanation of "channel noise" independent components in the absence of obviously bad data?

Scott Burwell burwell at umn.edu
Mon Dec 30 11:43:41 PST 2019


I have been testing the ICLabel plug-in on some data (very cool!) and I am
curious as to the  "source" explanation of independent components
classified as "channel noise." For the most other classifications, the
source explanation is clear to me (e.g., brain~synchronous postsynaptic
potentials, muscle~EMG, eye~VEO/HEO/blink movements, etc.), but I am a bit
confused as to how one might explain an independent component that reflects
a single channel when the channel data itself appears pretty clean? What is
the source of the "noise" that's left over in that channel after the
projections from other brain and non-brain sources have been subtracted?

For peace of mind, the ICA decompositions appear very good and were
calculated using "recommended" conditions (i.e., bad channels and bad time
segments deleted, average-referenced, 1.0 Hz high-pass filter, full-rank


Scott J. Burwell, PhD
NIDA T32 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
burwell at umn.edu

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