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Seyed Yahya Shirazi shirazi at ieee.org
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Hi Jeff,

After you complete the scan on iPad, you need to transfer the file to your PC and use EEGLAB or FieldTrip (or other toolboxes) to digitize electrode locations. The Occipital Scanner App, that is freely available in the AppStore, only supports emailing the scan to your PC. For example I just scanned a mannequins head (see screenshots from this link<https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s3g08g33hzvuksf/AADSud2RKb4kVo2VpP0SNvoza?dl=0>), now that I am satisfied with the scan, I need to email the scan file to myself. This particular app does not have access to iPad’s storage, so it can’t save the file, it needs to just send it. BTW, this app is open source, you can change it using Occipital Structure SDK and add a save button to it if you want (see https://forums.structure.io/t/saving-obj-files-on-ipad-in-the-future/161/3 ).


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The color issue is clear now. I am still unclear about the need for an internet connection to acquire a scan.

In your first reply, you wrote that:
“The only downside of this app is that it can't store the scan on the iPad and only would send it via email, so you need an internet connection”

Below you write that :
“You can email the single zip file once you completed the scan”

Could you please explain in detail the step by step process you go through to perform a scan? What application does the emailing, and where do you email it to? I assume you use a Wifi connection to your institution’s intranet?

I would like to place an order today, but want to make sure I understand the entire process. Our IT security people will need to know how this works before they will allow this device on the local intranet.

Did you order directly from Structure.io, or through a distributor like Adorama or B&H? I am concerned about the user who claimed it did not work and could not return it.


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Hi Jeff,

1- I think the first generation is not offered “officially”, but you may still find it on 3rd party stores. As far as I know, both Structure scanners use iPad camera as their color sensor, and that’s one of the reasons they could keep the cost low. So, in any case, you will be able to get color if you choose to inside the app.
2- There is only a single zip file and I don’t think that it’s because of a RAM issue (this folder contains an exact content of a zip file sent from the app:https://github.com/neuromechanist/eLocs/tree/master/sample/threeD/S1/Model<https://nam01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fneuromechanist%2FeLocs%2Ftree%2Fmaster%2Fsample%2FthreeD%2FS1%2FModel&data=02%7C01%7Cjeriksen%40lhs.org%7C57fc810ae536480c482908d78bdd6297%7C3683988d7d404338bf200b5dd13f4301%7C0%7C0%7C637131655286225351&sdata=5p%2BOOYB9w5Ax1Rqpv3IVfANmtSrSxYB0U%2FwMSgyWv94%3D&reserved=0> ). You can email the single zip file once you completed the scan. I think the reason is that the app is a starter and free (and BTW, it is not from Occipital, not Apple), so does not offer more complex functionalities such as storage access.

Seyed Yahya Shirazi
Ph.D. Candidate, BRaIN Lab
University of Central Florida

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Hi Seyed,

Very helpful information. A few follow-up questions:

1. I do not see the ?original? scanner offered on the website, so I think you are suggesting I will need the Mark II, for which I will make sure to get the proper bracket. However, the Mark II says it only has the 160 deg mono, whereas the ?Core? has 85-deg color AND 160-deg mono, as best I can tell from the website specs. You write about having color, so this is still not crystal clear to me. I think I will have to contact the manufacturer directly.
2. The Apple Scanner App?s limitation to sending its data by email is new to me. I did not notice that on the EEGlab Wiki. Can you please give more details on this process? At what stage in the scanning process does it send the email? It sounds like a RAM and/or disk storage limitation. Are multiple emails sent during the scanning process? Any possibility that an iPad with more RAM or a bigger disk drive would obviate the need to email?


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