[Eeglablist] ASR Cleaning Method Error: failed to get memory buffer

Aron Hill aronhill2 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 18:46:56 PST 2021

Hi there

I'm trying to run the ASR cleaning method on 60 channel files with ~800s
worth of data recorded at 1000Hz. For 18 / 58 participants, I'm getting an
error when the ASR function tries to calibrate the data:

radix_sort: failed to get memory buffer

I have 32GB of RAM, which I would think should be enough.

I've tried fixing the amount of GB of RAM used to a specified value (right
down to 1), and setting ASR to use my graphics card, neither of which help.

Lastly, I've tried setting maxmem to the minimum recommended (256) which
doesn't solve the issue either.

I've pasted the code I'm using below in case anyone can see an immediate
issue with it:

EEG = pop_clean_rawdata(EEG,...

        'WindowCriterionTolerances', [-Inf 7]);

Thank you.

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