[Eeglablist] Looking for EEG equipment recommendation: to use during movements.

Welman, KE, Dr [welman@sun.ac.za] welman at sun.ac.za
Wed Jan 20 03:23:28 PST 2021

Good day

I am looking for recommendations for EEG equipment to use during movement analysis. Is there anyone who can suggest an EEG make that is reliable and valid during movement e.g. walking, running turning. This is for research purposes.

Please let me know, by emailing me at: welman at sun.ac.za

Thank you

Dr Karen Welman | Ph.D. Sportwetenskap | Ph.D. Sport Science
Senior Lektor &
Biokinetika Program Koördineerder: Department Sportwetenskap | Senior Lecturer & Biokinetics Programme Coordinator: Department of Sport Science
Fakulteit Geneeskunde en Gesondheidswetenskappe | Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
e: welman at sun.ac.za  |  t: +27 21 808 4733 |  a: Sportwetenskap Gebou, Suidwalweg | Sport Science Building, Southbank Avenue, Coetzenburg

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