[Eeglablist] ASR on low number of channels

Ron Neeman ronnee at post.bgu.ac.il
Thu Jan 21 07:50:16 PST 2021

Hi to you all,
I understood that ASR is basing it's calculation on spatial distance of the
my question are:

1. Does that mean that it's impossible to apply asr when my EEG recording
contains only one channel? If it's possible, how then and does it become
less efficient?
2. What is the minimum number of channels recommended in order to get a
good reconstructed signal?
3. Is there a recommended spatial organization for the channels? In case I
have a small amount of channels available (like 5 channels), Should the
channels be neighbors? Or should the channels be widespread over the scalp?

Thank you very much!
Ron Neeman

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