[Eeglablist] Scan resolution issues with itSeez3D and get_chanlocs

Jacobsen,Noelle A jacobsen.noelle at ufl.edu
Sun Jan 31 20:25:26 PST 2021


I have been having issues with the resolution of my 3D scans when using the get_chanlocs function. My original scans on the itSeez3d app look fine. My issue is that when the scan is loaded with get_chanlocs, the scans don't look like the texture has been pieced together properly. However when I use the free Scanner app, the image is fine when loaded with get_chanlocs. I believe this is an issue with the way the code is piecing together the .jpg specifically for itSeez3D. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the FieldTrip functions or somewhere else in the get_chanlocs code. I tried my best to look through the code, but I'm not too familiar with 3D image processing and reconstruction. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Noelle Jacobsen
PhD Candidate
Human Neuromechanics Laboratory
University of Florida

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