[Eeglablist] unexpected general problems with script running

zahra fotovatnia fotovatnia at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 15 08:15:44 PST 2021

I used to run the scripts I wrote before for a while and no issues came up. Recently, I have found unexpected problems such as the script cannot find the file and it does not matter where I put it, without me even change anything. Or, I did not have any problem saving the files at the end of the script. Now it says:
Error using floatwrite (line 91)Cannot write output file, check permission and space
And I did not change anything! I even uninstall and reinstall the Matlab (2019a) I used to have since 2019. I did not have any problems before. I was using eeglab2019_1 for a long time since it was uploaded. After finding issues like this I downloaded the newest version but the problem is not solved.  Does anyone know what the problem is, please? I appreciate your help. 
Thank youZahra

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