[Eeglablist] dftfilt3: timesupport variable fixed

Ileana CNR ileana.pirovano at itb.cnr.it
Fri Feb 19 08:33:45 PST 2021

Hi all,

I have a question about time-frequency analysis with newtimef() and wavelet

Wavelets are actually calculated in dftfilt3.m function, where the variable
"timesupport" seems to be fixed at the value 7.

If I well understand, this parameter influences the wavelet temporal length.

When recalled from timefreq(),  "timesupport" cannot be changed by user. 

I wonder why it was fixed exactly at 7 and how reducing it could affect the

For example, in my data (1800 ms, sampling rate = 500 Hz), using such a
large time standard deviation, results in a too large wavelet window and
half of the epoch time becomes lost.

Reducing it at 2 or 3 seems to do the trick, but I would like to understand
sides effects (if any).


Thank you for any clarification!





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