[Eeglablist] importing both marker/events in the same file

Rafia Akhter akhter.rafia1 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 14:31:41 PST 2021

Hello everyone,
I record EEG by openBCI and saved in txt format. In the file, I have 8
channels for 8 electrodes and two other channel where rare and common
stmuli events are marked in digital format. Now, when in eeglab, I exrtract
event codes from that two channel, how can I differently marked them as
common and uncommon in the same file ? Now, I extract evebts from channel
9, named as common and saved as common events and do other post processing
steps and draw ERP. Then do these all for uncommon from channel 10 and
saved as commplon events snd draw ERp .
 it takes double time. How can I marked events in the same file as common
and uncommon events ?.


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