[Eeglablist] importing both marker/events in the same file (Sending second time)

Delorme, Arnaud adelorme at ucsd.edu
Sun Feb 28 11:40:12 PST 2021

Dear Rafia,

> I need some help. I record EEG by openBCI and saved it in text format. In
> the file, I have 8 channels for 8 electrodes and two other channels where
> rare and common stimuli events are marked in digital format. Now, when in
> EEG lab, I extract event codes from that two-channel, how can I differently
> mark them as common and uncommon in the same file? Now, I extract events
> from channel 9, named as common and saved them as common events and do
> other post-processing steps, and draw ERP.

You can use menu item "File > Import event info > From data channel” to extract events from your data channel.
Then you can use menu item “Edit > Select epochs or events” to rename these events.
Then use “Tools > Extract epochs” to create data epochs and use menu item “Plot > Channel ERPs” to plot ERPs.
Of course, you will also need to remove artifacts from your data. You might want to look at the EEGLAB tutorial.
Outlines for processing data are depicted below


Best wishes,


> Then do these all for uncommon
> from Channel 10 and saved them as common events snd draw ERp .
> it takes double time. How can I mark events in the same file as common and
> uncommon events?.
> Rafia
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