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Steven J Luck sjluck at ucdavis.edu
Fri Mar 5 14:51:02 PST 2021

Here’s a great postdoc opportunity with my colleague, Susan Rivera:

We are seeking candidates with a strong background in human sensory-related ERP research, and an abiding interest in autism, to apply for a spot (September, 2021 start date, applications being accepted until May 1, 2021) in the UC Davis MIND Institute’s NIH-funded interdisciplinary Autism Research Training Program (ARTP) the goal of which is to is to train truly interdisciplinary autism research scientists. (See:https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://health.ucdavis.edu/mindinstitute/education/postdoc_training/index.html__;!!Mih3wA!S91hna3nuK-r-rtjpIvFtcN4Vz5jMouxzLnPlmSWvrUz1vVaBF-IbV-5NdYJTbTtcPQ7eg$ ).  The MIND Institute and UC Davis provide a unique environment for conducting postdoctoral research on multiple aspects of autism.

Candidates would work with Drs. Susan Rivera and Cliff Saron on a study of auditory processing in young, typically developing children, and children on the Autism Spectrum, as part of a large NIH-funded Autism Center for Excellence. Specifically, the project examines how disproportionate megalencephaly (brain size disproportionate to height) effects the loudness dependency of auditory event related potentials derived from dense-channel array EEG in relation to a broad array of neuropsychological markers.

Besides joining the ARTP cohort and participating in the didactic core curriculum, the candidate will join a collaborative workgroup and : 1) supervise and contribute to data collection and EEG processing including using second-order blind source identification to remove non-neural signal sources; 2) conduct spatiotemporal, global field power, and clustering analyses of ERPs; 3) supervise undergraduate and full-time RAs in data processing; 4) statistically analyze results; 5) prepare results for publication; 6) write manuscripts and abstracts for conference presentations; and 7) contribute to future grants or funding requests as necessary.

QUALIFICATIONS: A PhD or equivalent degree in Psychology or Cognitive Neuroscience, or a closely related field is required by the start date. At the time of application, the basic required qualification is the completion of all degree requirements except the dissertation.  As per guidelines for the Kirschstein NRSA, appointees must be US citizens or permanent residents.

ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS (required by the start date): Published research experience with unisensory or multisensory processing using dense channel ERP measures is required. Research experience with autism is strongly preferred. MatLab and R expertise a strong plus.

Please contact Susan Rivera (srivera at ucdavis.edu) with questions or expressions of interest.

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