[Eeglablist] Motor execution and motor imagination paradigma classification

Vera Gramigna veragramigna at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 12:12:42 PST 2021

Dear all,
sorry for this question but I'm new in EEG data analysis.
I would like to ask for the courtesy to have more information about the
approach and the pipeline that I could use for the classification of my
I have some EEG EPOC+/Flex acquisitions that are organized as follows:
- 1 min rest->1 min ME RH->1 min ME LH->1 min MI RH->1 min MI LH,
considering for ME motor execution and for MI motor imagination.
I need to evaluate the differences in mu rhythm between the five conditions.
During the condition of motor execution and imagination the subject
performed or imagined the related movement for 1 minute.
Is EEGLAB time frequency transforms (no baseline) using FFT or wavelet in
8-12 Hz range, a correct way to visualize the difference between 5
In this case, if I consider as sub-epoch time limits the total duration of
acquisition (5 min), why in ERSP results, in time axis I visualize a
shorter duration of acquisition (even if I selected no baseline)?
Can you please suggest to me the best way to analyse my data?
Thanks a lot

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