[Eeglablist] Clean_drifts HPF

Velu Prabhakar Kumaravel velu.kumaravel at unitn.it
Mon Mar 8 13:42:24 PST 2021


I have SSVEP data with a target frequency of 0.8 Hz. I attempt to clean
artefacts using the clean_rawdata plugin (ASR). I have the following
questions regarding the clean_drifts High-Pass Filter:

1) The default transition bandwidth is [0.25 and 0.75] Hz. Since I have the
SSVEP response at 0.8 Hz, this setting cannot be applied. I tried changing
the values with a steeper transition but the low-frequency drifts still
remain in the data. Is there any recommendation on the possible transition
band, which might work in my case?

2) Would it make any significant difference using rather the default EEGLAB
HPF from the perspective of ASR cleaning?

EEG = pop_eegfiltnew(EEG, [], 0.1, 33000, true, [], 1) %EEG.state = 1000

My objective is to do everything that favours efficient artefacts removal
by ASR.
Any hints/suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


Velu Prabhakar Kumaravel, PhD Student
Center for Mind/Brain Sciences,
University of Trento, Italy

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