[Eeglablist] Values obtained from std_specplot

Sean Gilmore sean.gilmore at ryerson.ca
Wed Mar 10 07:38:13 PST 2021

Dear list, 

I am trying to examine neural entrainment to a specific frequency within dipole clusters. To do this I am using the output from std_specplot, and examining values that pertain to the stimulus presentation rate.

Firstly, I wanted to know if this is a valid to calculate neural entrainment? I have not used std_specplot before and not sure if this is a valid use of it. 
Secondly, if this is a valid use of the function, I would like to know if anyone knows what the output values represent. I would have imagined that they reflect amplitude in microvolts (like a typical FFT), but these values are quite large (e.g., 50+) and they also go below zero, which doesn’t make sense. 

If anyone has some insight I would greatly appreciate it. 

Sean Gilmore, M.A. (PhD candidate) 
Department of Psychology
Ryerson University

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