[Eeglablist] Help needed for identifying label indexes

Nemkova, Poli Poli.Nemkova at unt.edu
Tue Mar 30 07:09:39 PDT 2021

Hello everyone,

I'm  PhD student in CS and new to Eeglab. I'm struggling with preprocessing my dataset correctly. In particular, maybe anyone can kindly point me how can I see the indexes of labels to the raw signals? I work with .mff file. (In other words, when I see a matrix with raw signals for each channel, how can see which label corresponds with which signal?
(I can see events while plotting the data. So, I'm sure that the event labels indexes exist somewhere in the dataset).

Thank you much in advance!

  ~Poli Nemkova

Ph.D. Student

Human/Machine Intelligence and Language Technologies HiLT Lab
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of North Texas, U.S.A.

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