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Tue Apr 6 01:36:12 PDT 2021

Dear neuroscientists, electrophysiologists and enthusiasts,
ScienceBeam Academy has the pleasure to invite you to register for upcoming neuroscience online courses as described below:
1) “Deep Dive into Event Related Potentials (ERPs) Technique” Online Course
Prospective overview of the sessions:
1. Basics of EEG signal and EEG recordings 
2. Basics of ERP Components: ERP Components, Difference Wave, Forward-Inverse Problem, Challenges in ERP Source Localization 
3. EEG-ERP Prepossessing with Various Preprocessing Pipelines: Filtering, Baseline Correction, Interpolation, Artifact Rejection and Correction, Re-referencing, ICA, Pipelines: MAKATO, HAPPE, BEAP.
4. Experimental Design: Principles of Experimental design for ERP in Clinical and Research Settings, Significance of Measurement Window, Common Design Problems and Solutions 
5. Basic Analysis: Quantifying ERP Amplitudes and Latencies, Introduction to the Analysis tool boxes (EEGLAB, ERPLAB)
6. Common Mistakes (in lack of parameters): Overlapping, Filtering, Epoching, Baseline Correction, Measurement Window
• Instructor: Mrs. Pragati Gupta, M.Sc. in Neuro-psychology from Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, India.
• Course Length: 7-sessions online course
• Introductory webinar: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://sciencebeam.com/erplab-webinar/__;!!Mih3wA!T3xj0QOdZbS0OgHyXkh9zH37zDAYdv_c7Iofwx1d8IOSG6VG_VIHIJEMtXVOjsmP0MaBPA$  
• Registration: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://sciencebeam.com/pragati-gupta-course/__;!!Mih3wA!T3xj0QOdZbS0OgHyXkh9zH37zDAYdv_c7Iofwx1d8IOSG6VG_VIHIJEMtXVOjslibZ_McQ$  
o Deadline: May 5, 2021
2) “Modeling Electrophysiological Activities: From Single Neuron to Nervous Tissue” Online Course. Theoretical and experimental hands-on course including lab sessions, in which you will learn about extracellular recording from rat models and also working with single-unit and Local Field Potential (LFP) data.
1. Session 1:
➢ Systems and complex system in neurosciences
➢ Origins of electrophysiological signals and measurements
➢ Electrophysiology and relevant features for computational modeling: Membrane potential, Raster plot, Local field potential
2. Session 2:
➢ Understanding the time evolution of the electrophysiological signals from a dynamical systems point of view.
➢ Introduction to dynamical systems for neurosciences: Differential equations, Phase space representation, Stability and domain of attraction
➢ Unidimensional and bi-dimensional models: Dynamics of integrate-and-fire models, Repertoire of 2D models, Reduction of Hodgkin-Huxley model
3. Session 3:
➢ 2D and Higher dimensions models: Particular role of the reset, Possibility of chaos
➢ Models of synapses
➢ Limits of models: Biophysical and mechanistic description, Phenomenology
➢ Introduction to the first lab session (with Brian2 simulator)
4. Session 4:
➢ First Lab Session: Repertoire of electrophysiological patterns, Models of networks, Global measure on simulations
5. Session 5:
➢ Second lab session: analysis of the results, relations to the data
➢ Conclusive discussion
• Instructor: Dr. Damien Depannmaecker, Post-Doc researcher at Department of Integrative and Computational Neuroscience, Paris Saclay Institute of Neuroscience, France 
• Course Length: 5-sessions hands-on online course
• Introductory webinar: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://sciencebeam.com/modeling-electrophysiological-activities/__;!!Mih3wA!T3xj0QOdZbS0OgHyXkh9zH37zDAYdv_c7Iofwx1d8IOSG6VG_VIHIJEMtXVOjskT4TeCFg$  
• Registration: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://sciencebeam.com/online-course-modeling-electrophysiological-activities-from-single-neuron-to-nervous-tissue/__;!!Mih3wA!T3xj0QOdZbS0OgHyXkh9zH37zDAYdv_c7Iofwx1d8IOSG6VG_VIHIJEMtXVOjsnoeJxb9Q$  
o Deadline: May 10, 2021

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me: workshop at sciencebeam.com 

Mary Reae
Human Neuroscience Department Manager
WhatsApp Num.: 008613380781282

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